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  1. I’ve never made black beans like this but I want to! I love slow cooker recipes and I’m always looking for new recipes to try for my daughter. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Black Beans were always on my black list but this dish looks delicious. Love the ingredients and flavors used to making these black bean recipe so amazing. Love all your ideas to using this recipe too.

    • Meaning you haven’t liked black beans? I think beans are only as good as what they are cooked in. Straight out of a can they are only good as an ingredient in a flavorful dish. To eat them on their own you have to make them with yummy ingredients or they are boring. Hope you give them a try Veena!

  3. Oh wow this looks so good! What a flavorful and hearty dish. Perfect side to so many warm-weather dishes coming but, I also wouldn’t mind this on its own!

    • Yes! Great for Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day but so good on it’s own too! Personally, it takes me a week to build a burrito bowl from scratch, so the first night we always eat the beans over rice. It’s a very humble and satisfying meal.

  4. Oh my gosh I haven’t made black beans and rice in forever! I’m so craving this right now and I’ll be pulling out the slow cooker this week!

  5. I love black beans, but don’t make them nearly enough. And, now that I have my nifty dutch oven, I will for sure be using it to make some! Thanks for all teh tips

  6. This looks really flavorful and delicious. Plus it’s super easy to make. It’s perfect weekend family dinner. I’m saving this recipe to give it a try next weekend when my hubby get back home from trip. He is such a fan of black beans. Well I am too.

  7. Oh my goodness, these beans look incredible. Perfect for a CINCO de MAYO spread of delicious food! I’d also like to quickly mention that you styled this recipe beautifully. These photos are so beautiful!

  8. Your photos are gorgeous! This sounds delicious! And definitely seems like it would be perfect for a cold day. We use a decent amount of canned black beans, I think these would be way more flavorful!

    • Thanks Melissa! So perfect for a cold day. We’re expecting another snow storm while my husband will be away on business, so I’ll be pulling the leftovers out of the freezer for an easy, comforting meal.

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